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OK, so I love motorcycling and that includes not hearing all that "noise" of everyday life... loud music, people, and background noise. I could just put in my earplugs and eliminate the road noise on the bike too and be done with it... but I do miss my music...

I recently bought a brand new iPod Shuffle for $50 (I love it even more because of the deal I got) and want to try listening to it on some of the longer trips I take on my Buell... Of course, the standard earpieces just sit in your ear and let all kinds of noise in... you can only hear the music at stoplights... plus they aren't comfortable at all...

I know that there are noise canceling earbuds out there... I want to find a pair that I can use as an earpiece when the music is on, and be able to turn it off and use them as just a regular ear plug. Does any MOron out there have a favorite pair? After a little preliminary research I have come up with the following models... any suggestions?

Cheapo: Philips Earbud Noise-Cancel Headphones, SHN2500

Shure Sound-Isolating Earphones
Model: E2c $100

Bose In-Ear Headphones

A little write-up about earbuds for helmets:
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