AMA Racing Goes Global

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
From an AMA Press release:
AMA Pro Racing, the leading sanctioning body for motorcycle sportin the U.S., announced today it has signed an internationaltelevision rights agreement with TWI International, the televisionarm of International Management Group (IMG). Under terms of thepartnership, TWI will formulate agreements with internationaltelevision networks to telecast AMA Chevy Trucks U.S. SuperbikeChampionship races.

This agreement will continue to build a greater global following ofthe U.S. Superbike Championship brand of racing, arguably the mostcompetitive continental road-racing championship in the world. TWIhas already signed agreements with Dubai Radio & Television andBritish broadcaster BskyB to show AMA Superbike races in the UK &Eire. British Sky Broadcasting is a leading provider of sports,movies, entertainment and news whose channels are received by over10 million households in the UK and Eire...

Additional deals are in the works and will be announced soon.

AMA Superbike riders, teams, sponsors and OEMs will benefit greatlyfrom the exposure to a much larger and broader international fanbase.

"We know many of our top Superbike athletes have a devoted overseasfollowing, and now those race fans can enjoy a Superbike battlebetween Mat Mladin and Nicky Hayden from the comfort of their ownliving rooms," said Chris Bradley, AMA Pro Racing associate vicepresident of commercial development.

"We are extremely pleased to have this relationship with AMA ProRacing," said Peter Smith, senior international vice president, TWIInternational. "The U.S. Superbike Championship already has a verypositive reaction from international buyers. The future of U.S.Superbike racing is strong and we look forward to expanding itspopularity into the overseas markets."

AMA Pro Racing CEO Scott Hollingsworth said, "We are very happy tohave TWI as a partner in the development of our internationaltelevision rights. Our goal is to not only grow the sport here, butalso expand its exposure on a worldwide scale, increasing value forall stakeholders."

The AMA Chevy Trucks U.S. Superbike Championship and supportclasses are followed by millions of fans around the world, at raceevents, on television broadcasts and the Internet. Last year,375,000 fans attended Superbike races, with an average attendanceof more than 34,000 per event, an 11.5 percent increase over the2000 season.

The AMA U.S. Superbike Championship traces its roots back to 1934,when the AMA first organized motorcycle road racing in the UnitedStates. In 1976, the AMA created the U.S. Superbike Championship toprovide an affordable, level playing field for professional raceteams, and as a platform for motorcycle manufacturers to showcasetheir production sport-performance models.

Today, the AMA Chevy Trucks U.S. Superbike Championship stands asthe world's premiere national Superbike championship, and tourswith the AMA Pro Honda Oils U.S. Supersport Championship and fouradditional top-caliber bike classes: Genuine Suzuki AccessoriesSuperstock, MBNA 250 Grand Prix, Lockhart Phillips Formula Xtremeand Buell Pro Thunder.

About TWI

TWI is the largest independent producer, packager and distributorof sports programs in the world and produces 6,000 hours oforiginal programming each year for distribution to more than 200territories. It is the program making arm of Mark McCormack's IMGand has production centers in London, Hong Kong, New Delhi, NewYork, Seoul and Sydney plus over 40 sales offices around the globe.

TWI's sports news agency collaboration with APTN, SNTV, serves 200broadcasters world wide with a reach of 850 million and TWIproduces web sites for international brand names like the Braziliannational Football Team, Manchester United, the Chinese PremierLeague and the Indian Cricket Team.

TWI's Features & Documentaries Division has a wide range ofinternational successes under its belt including Century, a 13-partco-production with British Pathe, and the multi-award winning TheSecond World War in Colour, which has sold throughout the globe,and its documentary series Britain at War in Colour won the BritishAcademy Award for Best Factual Series [BAFTA] in 2001.

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