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by Staff
Well, I’ve had a hell of tour these last two years. In fact, in many ways it’s been the best two years of my life. And I have you -- the MO reader and subscriber -- to thank for it...

A month ago I was offered another position within the motojournalism community, and it was an offer and opportunity I

couldn’t say no to. We can’t tell you where I’m going -- we don’t want to give free advertising to the competition -- but I’m sure you’ll find me soon enough, although has some changes in store that will make you not want to look anywhere else for your motorcycle website needs.

In the last two years, I’ve written dozens and dozens of feature stories; shootouts, single-model reviews, book reviews, product reviews, event reports and even some investigative and lifestyle pieces which I’m very proud of. That my knowledge of all things motorcycling and the caliber of my writing (I now understand the difference between em dashes and en dashes, thanks to Ashley) have improved is apparent, and it’s because of your constant (I wouldn’t say nit-picky, not before cocktail hour, anyway) feedback, comments and support. Our readers at MO are the best-informed and hardest to fool in the industry, and that’s a good thing, unless you’re running email scams from Nigeria.

I’m moving on, but I’ll have some fond memories I can always access -- just like you can -- in the MO archives, which will be preserved for posterity by our new friends at VerticalScope. My favorite story I wrote was probably the CB550F project I foolishly undertook (and quickly abandoned). My favorite roadtrip at MO was probably the whirlwind three-day trip to Seattle with Publisher Sean Alexander in the fall of 2005. But there are something like 60 others that all have their moments, although I’m shocked at how crude some of my earlier stuff is.

So I learned a lot, and had a lot of fun the whole time. I’m proud that I gave MO some good content that some -- maybe not all -- of you enjoyed reading, and that you felt you got your subscription dollars’ worth. I know for sure I’ll miss the childish yammerings and name-calling in the peanut galleries that pass for discussion

forums at MO, and I’ll miss all my friends I’ve had the honor to meet in person, like Van, Buzz, Geroge, Frank, Evo Don and the countless other MOfos I’ve had the honor to meet and even work with over the last two years. Where I’m going may be more corporate, more polished and have more resources, but the readers won’t be the same.

I’ll still be reachable at [email protected], so please feel free to praise me, pan me, ask questions or opinions (“I’m buying my first motorcycle. Should I get the R1 or the GSXR-1000?”), ask for a subscription refund or become my stalker (a sure sign you’ve made it). I look forward to crossing paths with my MO friends again.

Ride safely (but not too safely), keep your sense of humor and have a great riding season!


Gabe Ets-Hokin
MO Alumni

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