The 800s Are Coming!

At least the DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN headline writer didn't pen that after Truman defeated Dewey.

Check out the declarative, exclamation-pointed headline "The 800s Are Coming!" in the "Up to Speed" section of the latest issue of Motorcyclist magazine. Now check out the actual quotes in the story from the Big Four reps:

Honda: "We do extremely well with both 600s and 1000s, sales-wise ... I don't think at this point there's necessarily room in the marketplace for another mass-market bike."

Yamaha: "The opportunity for us is to build off of the success of platforms we already have in place, not create a new platform to compete with those."

Kawasaki: "How long are [MotoGP bikes] going to be 800s?... Why develop an 800cc replica if it will be obsolete in two years?"

Suzuki: "We've already got a 750 that's an excellent motorcycle, with a long history. To develop an all-new 800cc MotoGP replica that would cannibalize GSXR-750 sales doesn't make much sense for Suzuki, does it?"

Sheesh. Next month in "Up to Speed" - "Miguel Takes Daytona!"

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