Riding Harleys in Iraq?

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff

But he still has a passion for one thing uniquely American: the Harley-Davidson. On the wall of his cluttered office, next to medals he won as a champion weightlifter, hangs a tapestry emblazoned with an American flag, a bald eagle, a Harley and the words: "Born in the USA."

On most days, however, he cannot afford to buy gas for his own Harley, a 1982 Fat Boy.


Jubouri sold Harleys to American diplomats, and some months earned as much as $5,000, he said.


Jubouri, a father of four, said he once serviced classic motorcycles owned by Hussein and his son Uday. They included a British-made 1937 Norton that Hussein rode to flee Iraq in 1959 after he took part in a failed attempt to assassinate the then-prime minister, Gen. Abdul Karim Qassem. Hussein later housed the bike in a museum that proclaimed his glory.

And while I am sure this will end up in a political discussion, let's at least TRY keeping it civil.And I also wonder what happened to the bikes our guys bought in Iraq. Did they bring them back? How much is an Iraq-Harley worth --- does it add value as an American item brought back home?
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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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