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From reader Dr. Sprocket:

I was in the local motorcycle dealer today and two girls (18 years old) were looking at sport bikes. As no sales persons were readily available, they asked me if I thought the Daytona 675 would be a good first bike. Neither one currently had a license, nor did they have any previous motorcycle experience. (One of the girls did mentions she had been practicing in her friend's backyard and had only fallen a couple of times.)

I strongly recommended taking the MSF course, and was in the course of recommending the Ninja 250 when the sales rep quickly came up and ushered them towards the new GSX-R 600. I overheard him say that the GSX-R 600 was a better first bike because there were more aftermarket options (e.g. lowering kits) than other models.

My question is this, do you think the dealership and/or sales personnel have a moral responsibility to educate the consumer and assess the consumer's motorcycle proficiency? Or... is the responsibility strictly on the consumer to understand their own limitations and the potential risks?

What say ye, MOfos?

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