Big Scooters: Economical, or Just Trendy? Staff
by Staff
I've been doing courier work on a Kawasaki Nomad with a 1500cc V-twin. It's alternating urban/interstate, which generally produces the worst kind of mileage. Under optimal conditions (two-lane backroads), the Nomad can get close to 50 mpg. In courier work, trying to stay around the torque peak (60 mph) on the interstate and doing the unavoidable urban stop and go, it drops to 40 -- and sometimes into the high 30s. Just out of curiosity I've been reading road tests of some of the big scooters -- the 400 and 650 models. Theoretically these should get great mileage. They are far more aerodynamic and have engines only a half or a quarter of the size of the Nomad's. Yet the mpg results I've seen in these scooter tests are disappointing -- mostly in the 40s and even as low as the high 30s. Which causes me to ask: What's the point of an aerodynamic, relatively small-engined scooter if not better gas mileage?

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