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Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
After the recent article on motorcycle stunt phenom Gary Rothwell, there were a number of comments about a line in the reader feedback post about his learning to ride on stolen motorcycles.

While some of the people who posted comments were sometimes irate, we just got a call a few minutes ago from Gary Rothwell that was both jovial and professional...

Rothwell contends that he never rode a stolen motorcycle.

He did confirm, however, that because of where he grew up -- in Liverpool,England, an area known for high crime rates -- there have been a number of "rumors" about his riding on stolen machinery. A number of people he grew up around did steal a few bikes and, though he was in the vicinity of such vehicles, he never took part in such shenanigans.

Gary Rothwell is an upstanding gentleman and has never done more than break a few traffic laws, just like the rest of us. He was a complete professional and even had time to joke around on the phone in the midst of our making a few changes to the story.

Gary just got back from vacation and is back at home in England for a while before returning stateside where we hope to hook up with the man for a one-on-one interview and some stunt riding technique tips.

Until then, we apologize for any confusion and wish Gary Rothwell all the best in the future.

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