Year 2002 Open Sportbike Shootout

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Well, here it is: The Year 2002 954-998 cubic centimeter inline-four cylinder Japanese Sportbikes that each manufacturer gave us to represent this segment Shootout.

OK, so maybe we didn't call it that, exactly, but we almost did. No matter what we do people want us to throw in a Valkyrie, an '82 Magna, a Hayabusa and a Harley-Davidson of some sort. We thought maybe changing the name of this endeavor to ward off some of the shots might be a good idea, though right now we're just going to smile, stick to our guns, deal with the heat, and give you our Year 2002 Open Sportbike Shootout, VTX1800 not included...

The next stop for our Year 2002 Open Sportbike Shootout will be California Speedway for the race track portion of our three-part comparison. The final stop will be the drag strip at Los Angeles County Raceway next week and then, (oh, and thennnn) we'll throw everything into one big lump, take everything into account (including reader comments) and come up with an overall victor. And if Victor's not around that day, we'll name the winner of the Year 2002 Open Sportbike Shootout something else.

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Brent Avis
Brent Avis

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