Your Least Favorite Moto Exhaust Note? Staff
by Staff
The worst to my ears is easy... the RC51 Honda with an aftermarket pipe. They sound like a cross between a sick UPS delivery truck and a Cushman scooter (not good)...

Best? -late-gen Evo Harley, or most any single pin crank V-twin. They may not be fast but man they sure sound right.

Second vote goes to parallel twins - IE: old Honda 305 Dream or maybe a Triumph twin. I would think that owning an old twin in good shape would be a lot of fun. I was always amazed at how smooth the old twin Hondas were and how sweet they sounded on the road.

Anyway- I'm always curious what other bike people think.

Over the years I've owned a CB 750, a few two-stokes including a Maico 501, various V-twins, and a Ninja 900 and most all of them had their own charm.
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