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I've been riding a 250 for 3 years, and done 45000km via my daily commute, which is 100km per day of various hills, freeway, country roads, freeway, and lane-splitting in city traffic...

I like the fact that my 250cc bike does 450km per tank of fuel, tyres last 25000km, and it costs little to register and insure. I'd like something that is really cheap to run. I also like the ability to do roll-on wheelies in the first three gears, which my 250 just isn't capable of.

I'm 6' tall with dodgy knees, so I need something with a reasonable amount of leg room. However, it should be flickable and narrow to allow easy lane splitting and shenanigans in the hills.

I ride in sub-zero© temps, so some decent weather protection would be good. I also ride in 40© degree temps (~104F), so good airflow is important.

So, I'm looking for something that is:

1) cheap

2) comfortable

3) nimble

4) a good tourer

5) very quick

6) easy to maintain

ABS would be nice too for the wet and occasionally icy roads I deal with.

Now, please let me know why sports bikes are better than cruisers, why it is important how I vote, why we should never accept a bike other than what we currently ride, what needs to be done/avoid WRT helmets and other safety issues, and prefix an inordinate number of words with the letter "K".


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