HMC Ducati and Chandler Go Fast

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
From an HMC press release:
HMC Ducati Racing completed their first day of testing at Laguna Seca with anew rider and crew chief to help steer their hopes for the 2002 AMASuperbike Championship. Three-times National Superbike Champion DougChandler finished the day with a fastest "unofficial" lap time of 1:26.77.

Chandler takes the place of Pascal Picotte, who was let go from the teamafter the first race in Daytona when a satisfactory working relationship wasnot found...

Long serving AMA Superbike technician, Gary Medley also joins the team asChandler's crew chief, continuing a 10-year partnership between the pair.Medley proudly says he has the highest confidence in Doug as a rider and waspleased to report that by his records, Chandler was the fastest rider on thetrack for most of the day and finished today's first test day at Lagunasecond only to Nicky Hayden.

"The day went better than expected having not been on a Superbike for solong," said Chandler after the testing session. This is his first Superbikeouting since last season's final round in Virginia. "I would have been happyto stay within a second of the front runners but we're right up there. Wedid more laps than anyone else. I'm sill getting adjusted to the bike andkeeping my feet on the pegs is an issue right now, but that will improvewith more laps under my belt and as I become more comfortable on the bike."

Nobody is happier with today's results than Team Owner Mitch Hansen whosaid, "I'm truly confident that I have made the best decision for my teamand sponsors."

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