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I am in the Market for a NEW street commuter & weekend tour bike.

I am replacing a 2000 Kawasaki ZR7 and want something comparable. I am looking at the following bikes under for $7,000:

1: Yamaha FZ6

2: Suzuki SV650S

3: Ducati 620 Dark

4: Kawasaki Ninja 650R

I am leaning towards the FZ6. The new FZ6 looks pretty sharp but I know nothing about it. A lot of people rave about the SV650. The ducati is pretty slick and I have ridden my friend's but it feels a little uncomfortable for longer rides. I am only considering the Kawasaki out of brand loyalty but it looks a little cheap to me, not sure why Kawasaki dropped the ZR7 from the US market. Any direction or enlightening on which way to go would help a lot.

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