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Kuala Lumpur, Malasia--Well, it's been a hot, muggy, and crazy six weeks, but we here at MO are proud to announce; we've set a record!

Other motorcycle magazines may win races at Daytona, build custom choppers or corner the global diamond market, but we've finally competed -- and won -- a challenging type of competition.

It's called the World 100cc Challenge, and it's been held here in Kuala Lumpur since 1961. Teams from all over the world build the ultimate four-stroke 100cc motor and then race it at a government airstrip. The course is a four-kilometer straightaway, with top speeds in each class getting a trophy and sharing in over $1600 in prize money.

We entered our Honda Wave 100R in the stock modified class after we spent over $500 in parts, labor and promotional activities. After many days of ironing out bugs and chasing down gremlins -- including a horrible incident with a local metal-shaping expert that ended with police intervention and Fonzie almost losing an eye -- we managed to eke out over 11hp from the simple motor, and with our hastily improvised streamlining -- made from a cardboard refrigerator crate and 12 rolls of strapping tape -- we managed a two-run average of 74.876 mph after Gabe had a whole body wax and was fitted for an aerodynamic fin.

But that still wasn't good enough; the competing team, Moto Malaysia Magazine were seeing well over 75mph on their Yamaha Lagenda 110 in the two-day practice before the main event on April 1st.

Luckily, Moto Malaysia's racing editor -- and registered contender -- Sepang Goru is a small man with a quick temper and limited capacity for alcoholic beverages. A trip to the local tavern with Pete and Fonzie, several liters of the local beer, and a well-placed comment about Goru's mother and other female relatives led to fisticuffs and a trip to the local jail. Goru was not able to explain the situation to the authorities in time to make the six AM tech inspection and rider registration meeting at the airfield. The result? A first-place trophy and spot in the history books for MO!

Look for more details and a photo essay in an upcoming feature!

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