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I have an old Yamaha SR500 that I like to take for a spin every now and then. Every time I do, I wonder why I don't spend more time on it. It's crude, the brakes are wood, it's slow, its suspension is dated. Yet this bike just works, especially in the turns. It looks right just resting on its side stand. The starting ritual is almost religious. One or two kicks will do it. Yet, I can leave it parked with the key in it and not worry about it being started up and ridden off. Picked up and put in the back of a truck, yes. But ridden away, not a chance. The exhaust note is pure gold. That big single cylinder just keeps on thumping. It takes a few minutes to adjust those two valves. It has one carb that works and when it doesn't I can fix it.

Why have we inflicted such complexity on our lives? Five valves per cylinder, shim adjusters, four cylinders, fuel injection, pumps, sensors, yada, yada, yada. Am I alone in this appreciation for the simple pleasures available in this sport? I'd love to hear your comments on any simple pleasures you still enjoy in motorcycling.

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