2002 Openclass Shootout, Part I

Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
Okay, I don't get to write these news thingies very much so bare with me. First off, our shootouts are hard to do, but they tend to rock. Second off, we're going to do this deal in a multi-part format. That is, we'll give you a write up of what we find as we complete each section of our shootout. Part I is the street, which makes this the prelude to the shootout. As Johnnyb says, "this here be the 'tale o' the tape' a virtual weigh-in, as it were." We'll be leaving our cozy office and instead force our way down south into the hideous underbelly that is... oh wait. If I knew where we were going I could tell you. But all I was told is to meet Minime here at the office at around 0900 and then we'd cruise down to Burnsie's boat, ETA 1000. Lord willing (please!) we should be back to do a little posting magic on Thursday. Track day is on Friday, so you should be seeing the track section first part of next week. With the dragstrip section following shortly after that, with a conclusion acting as the proverbial caboose.

So anyway, if you guys call or email with problems and what not, we're not ignoring you, we're completing the 2002 Open Class Shootout!

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Calvin Kim
Calvin Kim

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