Superbike Rumors- Next-Gen Suzuki Hayabusa? Staff
by Staff
I am hoping very soon the first press leaks and preliminary technical data will start to flow from Suzuki on the next generation Hayabusa...

I have been holding off purchasing the current generation 'Busa. I am quite sure the next-gen Busa will be a legend, with less vibration, better handling, lighter weight, (that should be easy) maintaining reasonable ergonomics (please?) but adding even more horsepower.

I own a VN 2000 cruiser. I enjoy the torque and wild stoplight burnouts but miss the rush of horsepower on the top end. Sparking floorboards are always entertaining, ...but I miss carving harder into corners, and the rush of top-end speed.

Sorry Kawasaki- the ZX14 simply does not do it for me. It looks to me like an insect from the front with plastic cheese graters on the sides. I don't care for the high tail cowling either. The new Concours 14 looks no better.

If there is a website for the next-gen Busa I would love to hear about it. If MO wants to get readers on the edge of their seats, I hope you will see the demand for these bikes growing, and start a blog or regulary updated article dedicated to the next-gen Hayabusa.

I never understood why Honda never had the nerve to compete in the open-class sportbike realm. (It must be a public-relations thing.)

If anyone knows *anything* about the next generation Busa I would love to hear about it.
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