What is a Fair OTD Price for a Ninja 250?

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
I've been emboldened by the faithful MO readers to keep an open mind and try out the Ninja 250. What a pleasant surprise! It's quite a lot of fun even at (or at least rounding off to) street-legal speeds. Driving through school zones within the limit can still make you feel like you're Valentino Rossi's neighbor's second-cousin's (twice-removed) dentist. Or something like that...

Anyway, I've decided to buy one and when they come up used they are either beat up so far beyond recognition even the FBI forensic team couldn't identify them or else they are pricey Works d'Art. I have seen used asking prices that are over list. I kid you not. Might as well buy new.

I visited my local dealer (in Texas but name withheld out of a sense of decorum) and asked for a quote. Taxes, prep, doc fees, inventory tax and who-knows-what-else brought it just over $4,100. I had to blink twice to make sure I read it correctly and that we were still talking US dollars. I asked the salesperson if that was the best price they could offer. He hemmed a bit and went for the sales manager (cue minor key.) The sales manager came over with the usual "hail fellow, well met!" and offered to knock it down to.... $3,900.

Now, I'm not cheap. Ok, maybe I am cheap. But it's only on dates and with things that don't roll on two wheels. Still, $3,900 seemed a bit on the high-side (sorry) for an OTD price on an '07 Ninja 250.

I have sympathy for most motorcycle dealers and I'm not looking to stick it to them. There's not much profit margin in the Ninja 250. But what's a fair OTD price?

Thanks for any and all advice.
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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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