New Bike Tires... Handling Change? Staff
by Staff
I originally set out to buy Michelin Pilot Powers for my 1993 CBR600F2, but every place in town was sold out for the forseeable future. With my front tire getting seriously worn, I decided on a different tire, the Dunlop Qualifier. Sadly, they also didn't have it in my original size (120/60-17, front tire). So I got it in a slightly different size, 120/70-17.

The people there said the change would result in a bit of resistance at the application of pressure, and then a faster turn in / fall in, and more contact patch and thus tighter turns.

How accurate is this, and should I call back and just order tires in the stock size and wait for them to arrive? I'm getting them installed tomorrow, theoretically. Mostly doing light canyon carving / town driving... Thanks!

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