Track Leathers for a Tall Guy? Staff
by Staff
I'm a tall guy (6 foot 4) with long arms (46 tall) & legs (36 inch inseam). As a result, I have a horrible time finding gear that fits. I almost always require "tall" sizes or need to pay extra to have a jacket or pants made with an extra couple inches in the sleeves or legs.

Right now I'm looking for a set of leathers, preferably one piece, that I can wear for occasional track days. I won't do more than two or maybe three track days a year, and I ride a big sport tourer anyway, so I wouldn't wear the suit on the steet much either. I'd like to avoid going to the expense of having leathers custom made by Helimot or a similar company.

Does anyone know of a leathers manufacturer that sells tall sizes off the rack? Maybe I could maybe check their stuff out, or even look for similar used gear on ebay.

What say you, MOrons?



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