Which Power Cruiser for This UK Based Man?

It must be time for a mid-life crisis. I've just fallen in lurve with a picture of a Suzuki M109R - called M1800R over this side of the pond. what should I do? which power cruiser is for me?

Well you see over here in the UK Yamaha list a grand total of 3 cruiser type motorbikes, whereas over there it's over 20.

I'm trying to decide between an imported Yamaha 1700 Warrior (Midnight star in black), a Honda VTX1800C (we only get the 1800C over here), a Suzuki M109R or perhaps a Kawasaki VN1600 Mean streak.

Now I haven't ridden any of them - my regular ride is a BMW R1150GS - and Japanese sickle dealers don't usually do test rides. So - at 6ft 1in and 300 lbs with a short (31") inseam, which bike is going to suit me best - I would be keen to hear any opinions.

I've heard some weird things about the Warrior's handling, read lots of stuff about the Honda being "boring", heard the Suzuki is very plasticky and that the Kawa is short on horse power.

I like to ride when it's fine weather, and I do the occasional lengthy tour - maybe 2000-3000 miles.

I'm guessing I will need a screen of some sort. I carry a pillion sometimes - all my sons like riding on the back.

Which is it to be gents? let's hear your opinions and feedback


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George Obradovich
George Obradovich

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