MO' Growing Pains Continued Staff
by Staff
Hey gang, I'm still seeing a handful of users are having problems getting logged into MO this week. We have fixed almost everyone's accounts over the past weekend, then I hopped ona plane to Florida for Bike Week so I apologize personally for not getting back to everyone individually. Simply put, for those we fixed, there's a cookie issue on your end. Your subscription is current into 2008. The cookie doesn't know you re-subscribed - or that we rebuilt your account from the inside - and it need to be cleared out before you can get cleanly logged in again. Try the delcookie link - yet again please - and then try relogging again and see if that works.

If doesn't work, you'll have to manually clear your cookie cache in your user preferences panel of your browser, then relog into MO and you should be golden.

Lemme know if nothing works for you! And look for more help from me after the races... if you need it. Sorry about the timing everyone!!!!
- Fonzie

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