Greetings, MOfo's! It's that time of year again in the Lone Star State, otherwise known as the Republic of Texas:

Yes, kids, that's right! This month, on the 24th and 25th is the grand event that grows each and every year, the one and only Texas Mile in Goliad Texas!
For those of you that aren't familiar, you take one big a$$ (even for Texas) runway, on the order of 8,000 feet long, set up a starting line, and 5,280 feet later a timing apparatus. Then you get all manner of crazy gearheads to either get in or on their machines and see who can get going the fastest!
Think Bonnieville or El Mirage without the spinning drive wheels. Let your imagination chew on that for a minuteDo you have goosebumps yet?
For the first time, I am grinding everything else in my life to a halt, telling the boss man, "Hey, I'm gonna be off the Grid for about 48 hrs this end of the month", telling my better half that she is welcome to come with, but I have no idea where I'm gonna sleep, and will immerse myself in something that I have dreamed about since it first came on my radar...
Like anything that you anticipate, I hope and pray that this doesn't turn out to be a dissapointment, and be a 48 hour anti-climax (which is nowhere near as good as a 48 hr clim... Oh, wait. Never mind...). With the greatest hope, a bunch of adrenaline, my bike, a tent, and the anticipation of sharing a weekend surrounded by like-minded borderline crazies, I will venture forth. I am no Journalist, but I mean, Come ON. If these guys can do it....
My intent is to report back with a submission that will be informative, fun, and picture-laden enough to perhaps be an incentive for those of you close and far to make the journey for a subsequent event. It should be fun, it should be exciting, and you definitely will (Editorial Deities approving) get my take on the whole fiasco.
Anybody been? Any suggestions? Anybody know how fast a mostly stock XB12 Lightning will get cooking in a standing mile? (That last one will probably have to wait till next year, cause I don't have a full leather suit, or time to prep w/ all the safety wires on the oil plug, etc., etc. But I will get into the 200 MPH club. I will. )
Did I mention that dude has already topped 251 MPH on a Hayabusa a couple of years ago?WOooooooHOOOO!Wish me luck and GodSpeed, brothers, I'm Goin' to the TEXAS MILE!


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