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John P Burns
by John P Burns
From the desk of John Burns:
Let me apologize profusely for this week's paucity of fresh content. Wehad planned to spend the week airing out the new R1/954/GSX-R1000--butunforeseen events have kept the new Suzuki out of our grasp untilMonday. And the Al Ludington interview I had hoped to have up today isalso hovering just out of reach; Al is a busy man these days.

I hope we're just about over the transitionary hump, though, and fromhere on in things should start getting juicy. There's a new RC51 with ourname on it at Honda, and an Aprilia Mille, which I suppose will require usto ride the new Ducati 998 as well... Curtis Adams says he can turnminute-34's on his 40-horsepower Ascot at Willow Springs, and so the SRXis chomping at the bit for me to once again make a public spectacle ofmyself. Etcetera...

As to Wednesday's diatribe, I did not take up command of MO to lead abunch of whining defeatists. Yes I know other motor journalists havealready taken up the case against the Left Lane Antidestination League,but never before had I seen a 32-year veteran of the California HighwayPatrol state, in the huge public forum that is Road & Track magazine, thatthere is no law which requires those idiots to make way for fastertraffic. There is, as I pointed out. It is Section 21654. I didn't bringit up so that a bunch of you would register in, Eeyore-like, with theobservation that there's nothing we can do to change this miserable anddangerous state of affairs.

I believe my orders were to FORWARD that missive to ten people. TheInternet, my fellow Americans, is a revolutionary way to disseminateinformation to people (especially when the government agency charged withdoing so, doesn't). Right, I meant it, forward Wednesday's diatribe to tenpeople; eventually an actual highway patrolman might see it! He might tellanother highway patrolman, or at least the girl at Dunkin Donuts. Youcould even fire off a letter to D.O. Helmick, Commissioner of the CHP, atPO BOX 942898, Sacramento CA 94298-0001, in which you ask how it'spossible for members of CHP to be unaware of basic rules of the road, andwhat he intends to do about it? You could mention that, with all the hypeabout "road rage," you'd think that people holding up traffic in the leftlane--a major component of RR--would call for a major public awarenesscampaign.

I have one other problem. I had planned to let my departure fromMotorcyclist magazine pass by as just one more "learning experience" onlife's mysterious journey, and yet rumors are filtering back to me re: thereasons behind my leaving that rag. Unpleasant rumors. I may have to setthe record straight, but I am torn: Should I a) be the bigger man, and letit pass, or b) dish the dirt? I have the weekend to think about it.

I, snif, I love you people.


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