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From Kawasaki:

Most 13-year-old girls spend their non-school hours talking about clothes, last weekend, and yes, boys. And while most are committed to educational pursuits, it’s rare to find someone—boy or girl—who is disappointed with a 3.85 GPA, especially since the less-than-perfect average is the result of a “B” in PE. Now, combine this academic excellence with the ability to tilt a motorcycle into a 120mph race track corner, and the resulting profile is that of Elena Myers, a Discovery Bay, Calif. teen who is making noise on the amateur roadracing circuit.

The Kawasaki Team Green™ student-racer has a new pair of Kawasaki Ninja® 650R sportbikes tucked into her garage, but they don’t spend much time there. Elena is a regular competitor –and past winner– in the WERA West roadracing series, where she’ll be racing the Formula Two and Lightweight Superbike classes. She’ll also be racing her Ninja 650Rs in AFM 650 Twins and Formula Four competition during the 2007 season. When she’s not racing, Elena enjoys listening to music, riding her Supermoto bike and hanging out with friends.

Elena rode her first minibike in 2002 at age seven. After learning to ride on dirt with her family, she moved into asphalt racing on a pocket bike. Elena showed tremendous promise as a new rider and quickly started concentrating on her roadracing skills. After joining a mini roadrace club, Elena began roadracing a specially modified 85cc dirtbike. In 2004, Elena won an endurance race, three club racing championships, and became the youngest female roadracer in U.S. history to win an 80cc Expert roadracing title.

Elena received a 125cc grand prix racing motorcycle for the 2005 season and started attending track days at full-size race tracks. After a bit of practice, she journeyed to Portland International Raceway in Oregon to try out for her OMRRA roadracing license. That weekend at age 11, Elena won her first 125cc roadrace against adult experts and became the club’s youngest ever expert license holder. Elena continued to focus on 125cc roadracing in 2006, catching the attention of the “Kids Don't Smoke!” program and several Kawasaki staff members, along with training at a few Supermoto races and traveling to various racetracks throughout the United States.

The ‘Kids Don’t Smoke!’ program was founded in 1996 with racer Chris Ulrich. It was Elena’s association with Kids Don’t Smoke, along with her stellar on-track performance and winning attitude that resulted in the official support offer from Kawasaki Team Green.

"It's so awesome to be able to work with Kawasaki Team Green. They have brought up so many talented riders and it’s really cool to get the same chance that they had!” said Myers. “It feels really special to be given this opportunity at such a young age. Kawasaki is putting a lot of faith in me by doing what they're doing and I'm ecstatic about being a part of their program! I would like to thank Roadracing World and team "Kid's Don't Smoke" racing for helping to put this deal together."

Once she turns 16, Elena will be eligible to compete in AMA Professional roadracing events. If she continues to demonstrate the amazing talent, professionalism and beyond-her-years maturity, Elena can look forward to a successful career as a professional racer. That is of course, if she doesn’t decide to be an Astronaut or President of the United States first.

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