Paris-Dakar Results

Leading results after Friday's 333km fifth special stage of the Paris-Dakar Rally during the 572km stage in Morocco from Er Rachidia to Ourzazate:

Motorcycles:1. Carlo de Gavardo (Chile) KTM 3:14.172. Richard Sainct (France) KTM 3:14.385. Kari Tainen (Finland) KTM 3:16.354. Joan Roma (Spain) BMW 3:17.105. Fabrizio Meoni (Italy) KTM 3:18.06Overall standings:Motorcycles:1. Richard Sainct (France) KTM 5:05.432. Carlo de Gavardo (Chile) KTM 5:11.063. Kari Tainen (Finland) KTM 5:11.094. Joan Roma (Spain) BMW 5:11.425. Fabrizio Meoni (Italy) KTM 5:12.30
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