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MO Reader Kevin emails us from Connecticut:

I like your new test article that you wrote about the 07' Honda CBR600RR. I have been riding dirtbikes and some streetbikes for awhile now. I just bought the 07 CBR. Do you have any riding tips for me with this bike?......are these sportbikes hard to turn on the road out there?....

Here's Senior Editor Gabe Ets-Hokin's response:

Thanks for your note, Kevin,

I'm glad you had some experience with motorcycles before you bought the 600RR. It's a pretty awesome sportbike. It sounds to me like you have some respect for high performance machines, but I really don't know how to specifically respond to your request for riding tips.

The 600RR is designed to win races. This means it is capable of braking, handling and accelerating at levels much, much higher than anybody can safely -- let alone legally -- perform on public roads. So the main thing to keep in mind is is this: obey all traffic laws and regulations, period. If you do so, and maintain the respect you have for this equipment, you should have many years of safe riding enjoyment. Get in the habit of flaunting the laws of Man or Physics, and you will crash. Soon.

Which then begs the question: why did you buy this bike instead of a cruiser or lower-performance (but cheaper, more practical and almost as fun) standard? Because you want to haul ass and look good doing it, that's why. There's nothing wrong with that! That's why we like motorcycles. But where do you do that safely? The racetrack. Ride the RR for a year, rack up 10,000 miles on the street, and do a trackday next year. You'll be glad you did.

As to the RR being hard to turn, I guess it is, compared to a CRF450. But that's why sportbike riding techniques are different than for a dirtbike. I'd recommend reading Lee Park's Book Total Control (click here to read our review of his book and his terrific riding clinic, which he does several times a year in you neck of the woods) for a simple, easy-to-read explanation that includes great diagrams on body positioning and practice exercises you can do in a vacant lot near your home.

So to re-iterate: don't be intimidated by the Honda. Anyone who can ride an XR100 can ride one. But respect what it can do, because if there are 100,000 folks reading MO (I wish!), I'd guess maybe 20 of them could really maximize the performance of it, even on the racetrack.

Have a great riding season on your new bike and thanks for reading MO!

PS: Go to for more info on Lee's classes, as well as some cool riding tips.

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