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A few days ago we posted some User Help notes for subscribers with issues reading our feature stories - you can find that info here. Today we are announcing that we are more than half way there - renewing subscribers are currently being mistakenly misdirected and we are working the issue. New folks will be able to sign up and enjoy MO immediately. For those returning, when you get beyond the credit card form submission, you'll find that "someone else has your name." That someone is you and we all know that. There is a link there to declare that, but it's broken. Sorry. Don't give up just yet.... and don't try again. Your credit card may have been processed, and it will not allow for another similar charge minutes later as a safety measure, so you would be wasting your time. Send an email to [email protected] instead with your username, your full name and any receipts you received in your email and we'll get you fixed up this coming week.

We have been getting your emails and will contact each and every one when we get it fixed, sorry folks! Thanks for your understanding and patience in the meantime.


P.S. Don't post here that you have problems with your account - email them to [email protected] please - save this space for Kparties!
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