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Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
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We haven't gone away - Motorcycle.com lives on!

We are still having technical difficulties transferring Motorcycle.Com to new servers and we beg for your forgiveness.

Don't worry, don't panic and do not sell your motorcycle and join another local keno club.

We are learning that it's a rather tough job transferring a thousand plusfeature stories from one server to the next, Gabe has worn through 12pairs of carbon fiber finger chaps retyping all these stories! You'dthink by now someone would have figured out how to make the copy machine work with webpages...

Access is occasionally being denied for users that are current aswell as expired user accounts. Your denial is not completely your fault or ours, as it turns out. Many of your accounts are expiring while we're having our technicaldifficulties, so please bear with us. There are a few places on MO whereyour account status is printed into the copy like a countdown, to help youdetermine your status -- if you don't see these notes, you are not currentwith your account. See embedded image for placement.

For help all around MO, here are a few helpful instructions.

MO's subscriptions are two-tiered and annual; there is a site user account-- which is free to sign up for -- and the content reader account, whichcosts $11.94.

Forgot your kids birthday again? Go here and follow the instructionsto get your password emailed to you. If you don't get an email from MO inreturn, try another email address you may have used to sign up -- I seetons of emails bouncing because of subscribers using bad email addresses.If you've tried with no luck and know you have an account with MO, go here, and let usknow what info you do have and we'll try to get you back online.

You can re-subscribe with your original username by going to this page (you may needto login on the news page first) and the cookies in your browser shouldpre-populate the form field with your username and address that's on filewith us.

You can re-subscribe with your original username by going to this page (you may needto login on the news page first), and the cookies in your browser should pre-populate the form field with your username and address that's on file with us. When the success page loads, if it reads that you cannot have that account name because someone else is using it, read further.

The MO Username(s) you wanted, [A USER NAME], is taken.The account "Your Name Here" is registered to a person whose email address is . If this is you, and you want to use this account, follow this link and your account, Your Name Here, will be updated to reflect that you've subscribed...

This applies if your account has plenty of days left on it, you have acookie issue on your end. The cookie stored on your computer doesn't knowyou have re-subscribed and it need to be cleared out before you can getcleanly logged in again. Go here (delcookie link)] and thenre-login. If this doesn't work, you'll have to manually clear your cookiecache in the user preferences panel of your browser, then re-login to MOand you should be golden.If your account is expired and you just paid to get in again, and thecookie didn't work for you, chances are your browser didn't completelyconnect to the credit card processors somehow. If you did receivea receipt from Authorize.net (the company handling the credit cardtransactions for us) after completing the order and still have problems,then its all on the MO website's end and we'll correct your account assoon as you forward us that receipt. Otherwise, we respectfully requestyou try processing your card again! Thanks.

Visit this link, to close your own cookie session.Then go here and fill out the form with your friend's chosen username and his/hermailing address. Fill in the credit card info with your card's info andviola: it's done!Then go back to this page tolog yourself back into MO so you can continue to play along! Thanks forwanting to pass on the good stuff!

In all the cases above, once logged in, you can change your personal info,including your password and/or email address at User Manager page.

If nothing helps you there and you subscribed [new or otherwise] while we were down AND have a the receipt from Authorize.net for transaction but cannot access full features, please forward the receipt to Fonzie and I'll take care of ya.

After the gap in fresh content -- and we had been on a roll for 2007 --watch for another comparison test, a Multistrada review as well as aneditorial rant from Gabe as soon as we get completely back online. Maybe even a KTM intro report if you're nice. Ourapologies once again for making you guys have to work while at work. Hopefully you learned, fixed or ate something while we were out.

-- Alfonse "Fonzie" Palaima, Executive Editor
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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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