MO Exclusive: Buell Announces Intent To Bring ''Off-Road'' Bike Within Two Years Staff
by Staff
February 1, 2007

Pete Brissette Managing Editor

Recently, Motorcycle.Com received reader emails regarding rumors of a new Buell"dirtbike" being discussed at the Harley-Davidson and Buell annual dealer show heldthis past weekend in Orlando, FL. We contacted Buell about this and learned that on Monday, January 26th"Buell Motorcycle Company did indeed inform its dealers of its intent to bring anoff-road motorcycle to market, designed for closed course competition, within thenext two years", according to Paul James, Product Communications Manager.

Dave Steuve, a salesman for Harley-Davidson/Buell Motorcycles of Appleton, inAppleton, WI attended the dealer meeting and commented that approximately 500 dealers were assembled for theannouncement, but no details were released. Steuve said that, "theydid flash up an artist’s rendering for about 30 seconds but that was it." He statedthat nothing specific about the proposed new machine was discernible, but that "itlooked pretty cool." The response from the assembled dealers was "generally enthusiastic" said Steuve.

For all intents and purposes this is an entirely new market for Buell. ButHarley-Davidson is not unfamiliar with closed-course competition; they have a longhistory of racing flat track and super TT. Steuve felt making the annoucement this early was a smart move onBuell's part as he thought it would give "the dealer network time to get up to speed tomake the changes needed to adjust for an entirely different market." He alsocommented that it's possible that dealers may have to hire additional staff that are more knowledgeable about off-road bikes because it's such a departure from the traditional Harley market.

Little else is known at this time as Buell hasn't released any more information tothe media or dealers.

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