New Orleans SX by Stephane Roncada

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Stephane Roncada just sent us his account of the New Orleans SX:
This race report is gonna be a lot more fun to write then last week'sreport ! Daytona wasn't good to me and I had a bad race, loosing lots of pointsfor the championship, so I really wanted to come back strong this weekend inNew Orleans, and that's what I did.

In my heat race, I got a great start and I probably would have had theholeshot if I didn't try to make the wrong turn....yes, I almost took the trackbackwards....hopefully I realized that in time and I still came out in the topfive. Don't ask.....hahaha...

McGrath was in first, Fonseca second, myself thirdand Carmichael fourth. EF ( fonseca ) and myself were battling, while MC waspulling away, and RC pulling in. Around lap 4, a rock somehow got stuck in myeye, and for the next 1 and a half lap it would be very painfull as my eye wasburning, crying and I had to ride with only 1 eye. That's when RC went by. Thenit went away and I could see again. I charged EF for 3rd place and made a passafter the straightaway, in the next corner. I finished 3rd behind MC and RC.

My start wasn't as good in the main event as it was in the heat race, butat least this time I didn't try to make the wrong turn. I came out around6th, and the first few laps were gonna be pretty intense! I was behind myteammate Ezra Lusk and EF. Then, people started crashing right and left....

Idon't really remember who crashed and and who did I pass, but I know that atone time I passed Lusk and EF at the same time when ( I think ) Nathan Ramseycrashed....then Lusk passed me back, and for the next 3 laps I was on his backtire putting lots of pressure on him for 4th. In the meantime, EF crashed too.

Then, in the same lap, both Ferry ( who was in the lead ) and Lusk crashed (Ferry before Lusk ). I was right being Yogi ( lusk ) when he crashed, and I'lltell you, it wasn't nice! I am glad he didn't get hurt in that crash becauseit looked like he did ( he went over the bars very hard ). He stood up and cameback in 5th. I was then in 3rd place behind Vuillemin, with 12 laps to go Ithink. I would charge him too for a couple laps, and I finally got around himin a 180 turn, he basically let me by when he saw me coming ( he was probablyafraid that I was gonna pay him back and take him out...hahaha ).

I passed himvery nicely and never looked back. I was then in 2nd, catching RC who was theleader. I would stay around 3-5 seconds of him the whole race, and I was neverclose enough to make a pass, but close enough to put pressure on him.

That'show the race ended on lap 20, RC won and I got second. I am now 3rd in pointstie with my Teammate Ezra Lusk, this is gonna be a good one! See you all inHouston.

I would like to thanks my sponsors :

Chevy Trucks/Kawasaki - Bridgestone tires - Castrol - Sidi boots - M2R helmets- ONEAL gears - DC shoes - Scott goggles - Ecko clothing - HotHedz designs -and all the fans on the board !

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