Choppertown DVD Review Staff
by Staff
Choppers, choppers, choppers! I'll bet you thought you'd never see that played out, did you?

Well, it looks like it's dying down a bit, with the media now looking at other flash-in-the-pan phenomena. But despite the Kustom Kraze dying out and the proliferation of "West Coast Choppers" t-shirts in Wal-Mart clearance racks, there will always be choppers, because Americans like to build and ride them. Thankfully, they will go back to being the simple, elemental bobbers that working-class guys have been building in their garages since the 1930s.

Choppertown: the Sinners is a documentary about one group of guys who have been quietly -- well, maybe not so quietly -- living the chopper lifestyle long before you could watch the Tuetels abuse each other on basic cable. Editor Ets-Hokin has finally completed the review of the movie; is it worth watching?

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