Boss Hoss Looks 'Smallish' Next To The Rapom V8 Staff
by Staff

"After spending hours in the garage trying to get your end-can to fit properly, you'll appreciate the work that's gone into the UK's most powerful motorcycle, the Rapom V8. Created by Nick Argyle, a 44-year old engineer from the Cotswolds, the huge 8.2 litre supercharged engine comes from Argyle's 'Monster Truck' and produces over 1000bhp, which we need not mention, is a figure more than five times more than the output of Kawasaki's ZZR-1400, the world's fastest production motorcycle."

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I don't know if I "appreciate" it, but it's is humorous. But it sure does seem like the Europeans like to make some monstrous looking cruisers...if you could call this a cruiser.

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