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Hello everyone:

I'm not certain how insurance underwriters are treating you good folks south of the '49th, but up here in the Great White North they are putting the squeeze on just about anything with two wheels and a motor that could be construed as "sporting." Having recently acquired a '97 Super Blackbird (AKA Dos Equis), my insurance company has demanded that I install a “four-point alarm system” that:

  • Electronically immobilizes and/or disables the starter or ignition system;
  • Senses vibrations or movement of the motorcycle;
  • Provides separate battery back-up; and
  • Sounds an audible alarm.

Since I plan to commute with my new black beauty, I intend to install an alarm system anyway. But, my question is this: What is the easiest/best system I can install that satisfies the four requirements cited above?

Please advise,

Calgary LT

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