Scheduled Maintenance Costs - Follow-Up to ST3 Post Staff
by Staff
Thanks to all of you who responded to my original question about bikes similar to the Ducati ST3. I now have a follow-up question that pertains to the costs of a bike if serviced at the recommended intervals.

An '05 Ducati ST3 required oil changes every 3000 miles and minor/major services at 6000/12000 miles respectively. I've noticed that the initial cost of a bike is often not quite a solid indication of the costs required to maintain the bike. Although handy with machinery, I've never worked on motorcycles, and since I live in an apartment with no garage/storage space whatsoever, I'd rather take it in to the shop.

Many of you have recommended particular bikes, and so I am now curious about the costs of ownership for those bikes. More specifically, how often the minor/major services are and the costs to do them. I understand the shop prices vary... I'm just trying to get an idea if what I've been paying to own the Ducati is as absurd in comparison. Just for your information the 6000 mile service cost $800, while the 12,000 service cost $1000.

Again, thanks for any feedback. I've enjoyed the many comments from my last post. They've given me much to ponder (and many bikes to look into).

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