Suzuki GSX1400 Intruder, YZF-R1/7 Production, Naked CBR900?

Brent Plummer
by Brent Plummer
A reader who goes by the name Jim Adam profers these rumors:

Two February issues of Japanese bike mags have "scoops" in which they claim that Suzuki is readying to release a new standard that uses a 1400cc version of the Hayabusa motor. Called the GSX1400 Intruder, it will come in both naked and half-faired versions, and should be released in March or April this year. Moving on to Yamaha...(read more for the rest)

Big rumors, indeed. Wonder if they're true? If anyone has links or pictures of these magazine articles, let us know. A 'Bus powered cruiser would be awesome!

Jim continues:Yamaha supposed to be releasing an "R-71" later this year, which is basically an R-1 engine stuffed into an R-7 frame, and includes top of-the-line bits, such as Ohlins forks, etc. Go to for a look. Finally, Honda's much awaited naked CBR900 is shaping up to look like a Hornet with the exception of the exhaust system, which will not feature a high pipe.-Jim Adam in Tokyo

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Brent Plummer
Brent Plummer

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