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Ever get that mushy feeling?

If you're on a motorcycle, that usually means but one thing; a flat tire. Hopefully you can maintain control of your bike and pull over, and if you're one of the smart monkeys, you have a flat repair kit or can of flat repair compound to get you back home. Tubeless radial tires are good like that, and yet one more reason to embrace technology.

However, some of us (not Gabe) like to ride off the beaten path, or sometimes where there is no path at all. MO-tributor Bob Stokstad is a true Iron Man who rides an immense Triumph Tiger up and down cliffs like he's on a tiny mountain bike.

Yet even he encounters a setback from time to time, with the lowly inner tube laying him low. He can get the wheel off the bike and the tire off the wheel, but now he needs to repair the tube. What's the best way?

This short but fun-to-read article lets you watch over Iron Bob's shoulder as he tells you the finer points of patching a tube. Enjoy!

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