Yamaha Fazer Reader Feedback

Brent Plummer
by Brent Plummer
Stuff an R1 motor into a streetfighter-esque chassis and knock $2,000 off the price? Yeah, we're interested. Add fully adjustable suspension and the brakes straight off of the R1 and we cannot wait to throw a leg over the new Yamaha Fazer 1000.

We predicted this bike a while ago even if we did incorrectly refer to it as the S1. Whatever it's called, you need to check this bike out...

The Fazer appears to be awesome -- just what so many people have been asking for. All the information that is available on the bike is in the story. The only things that aren't included are the rake, trail and wheelbase numbers which are not yet available. Let us know what you think of this bike.Would you be interested in something like this? How do you think it compares to similar bikes (like Suzuki's Bandit 1200S, for instace) in the marketplace?

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Brent Plummer
Brent Plummer

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