John Burns: Bitterness Ebbing

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
From the desk of John Burns:
I have fallen in with a great group here at MO, and am trying to rememberhow to behave in the absence of the duress under which I wobbled the lastcouple of years. My sincere and huge thanks goes out to all of you whooffered support via e-mail, reader feedback, and voice mail over the lastcouple of weeks--sorry if I haven't gotten back to you yet, and inparticular to Grapelli, who kept me from being really worried by sendingin the only negative piece of mail I've received. When you get NO hatemail, you're in trouble. Wish it had been a tad more hateful, really.

Speaking of hate mail, you people really shouldn't've called my formeremployer a "fat fascist tub of lard," or any of those other mean things,because I had thought of supplementing my meager MO income by helping outat Motorcyclist ocassionally. That deal is right down the tubes, but whenthings are going your way, you may as well keep it pinned...

I struck a dealwith my pals at Cycle World, who I last worked with in '93. Sounds like Iget to be some sort of "roving columnist," and this makes me very happy onseveral counts. Life is good.

Matter of fact, I'm off to ride some sort of Jesse James chopper toaccompany a Mark Hoyer CW article about JJ, (made possible because JJ'sdying to ride our new Yamaha R1. He's a sportbike freak at heart, don'ttell anybody).

It's been a too-busy week, but too busy is a great thing when you lovewhat you're doing, and the people you're doing it with--and remember tonever end a sentence with a preposition. I wanted to crank out a column ofsome sort this morning, but did not have time, and maybe not enoughbitterness. Okay, I had time but failed to properly utilize it.

And yet... the lack of a diatribe from me is also your gain today (andevery day). Have you heard of City Bike? It's a local San Franciscomotorcycle bimonthly, and in it is a column by one Joe Glydon, who I knowonly through his writings. Naturally, I'm extrememly flattered by all thestrokes I get from you people concerning my writing "style," whatever, butI frankly always think of myself as being pretty damn mediocre. I think my"prose" looks good maybe only relative to the other stuff dished up in,well, the magazine where I was until recently employed.

Glydon, on the othe hand, is a freaking artist, and I always said if Iever drove the train, I'd hire him. And maybe I will, but YET ANOTHERBEAUTY of the internet, is that you can sample his column by zipping yourmouse over to Let us know what you think. Heck, at somepoint we may have to PAY the man...

Pay up the 12 bucks, 954 vs R1 vs GSX-R1000 cominmg soon.

I'm out! Ride Well! (teehee...) --JB

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Brent Avis
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