Merry Christmas From MO to You! Staff
by Staff
Well, another year is gone -- this is Xmas #14 for -- and we've completed another year of bike tests, product reviews, lifestyle reports, mindless rants, and much more. Over 90 feature stories, to be exact, as well as hundreds of News posts, and Lord knows how many thousands of reader comments, 62% of which denigrate loyal MO-reader (and maybe the original MOron?) KPaul.

It's a tremendous amount of content for three addled guys to manage, but we had a great time doing it and would never, ever want to do anything else, with the exception perhaps of something involving supermodels and bikini waxing.

How do we do it? How do three bums who are probably only marginally employable in the Global Economy keep ahead of the repo man and collections agent? It's practically a one-case-study refutation of everything Adam Smith theorized.

It's mostly thanks to you, loyal readers and subscribers (hearty thanks to our advertisers as well, who thankfully seldom read our content) who recognize we provide a little something -- for a whopping three cents a day -- you can't find on other websites or in the print magazines. You like what we have to say and feel like you own a stake in us. We'd also be sunk without all the MO readers who have sent in some amazingly well-written and entertaining stories of their own.

Because of that community spirit and sense of ownership and appreciation, you've kept us going through some lean times over the last half-decade, and we truly appreciate it. That's why we really wish every one of you -- well, maybe not maladg* -- a very Merry Christmas, happy other assorted holidays (Happy Hanukkah to Lee Parks, Yossef, Jan Plessner at Kawasaki, You-Know-Who-You-Are at Aerostich, and even grumpy Eric Putter, although he is not much for celebrating the Festival of Lights, which ended last Friday anyway, and happy Buddhist Whatever to The Maven, whom we all love), and a happy and successful 2007 for everyone, unless you're on the lunar, Hebrew, Chinese, Wicca, Aztec or Julian calender.

We hope you have a pleasant and relaxing day with your families, but take a moment to chime in with thoughts on your favorite things you saw on MO, as well as what you thought sucked, or what kinds of things you thought we missed.

Like we said above; this will be our 14th Xmas, and is stronger and more stable than it's ever been. We're not going anywhere and will serve you for many more years to come, getting you unvarnished news, opinion and reviews about the sport that you love.

Take care, and we look forward to a terrific 2007 doing what we love the most: riding motorcycles!

-Best wishes from Gabe Ets-Hokin, Al Palaima, Pete Brissette and all our contributors and friends.

*Just kidding. We love you, too.
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