Smackdown in Chi-Town Staff
by Staff
Some of our comparison tests try to be all-inclusive, with every manufacturer in the field represented. Sometimes there are too many bikes to test, so we try to find a good representative sampling to let you know what kinds of choices are out there.

But what do you do with Harleys? Sure, they're just motorcycles, but there are a large number of buyers -- more than half the buyers of streetbikes, in fact -- who will only consider the bar-and-shield for their gas tank. They don't care that the Vulcan is cheaper, or the V-Star Warrior is faster (and cheaper), or that the VTX1800 is bigger and chrome-ier (and cheaper, too, if you can't guess).

For that buyer, we took a bullet for you and sent three MOrons all the way to Peoria -- Peoria, for the love of God! -- to try out three representatives of H-D's 2006 lineup. Luckily, it's still 2006 for a few days, so take a break from your Christmas shopping (Gabe wants a new Zoloft coffee mug, if he's on your list) and read Milwaukee Iron, the all-Harley Shootout.


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