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Fastrack Riders track days are one of the best ways we know of to get a lot of track time on any number of awesome tracks. Tom Sera and his staff do a good job of running these track days and the instructors on hand are helpful should you have any bike or riding questions.

They've just done a bit of a re-vamp for the new year and have changed around a few things that will are of importance for all riders...

Fastrack Riders finalized its move of corporate headquarters to Willow SpringsInternational Raceway. Fastrack Riders believes that the new corporate address more accurately portrays its product. The building at the entrance to Willow Springs also serves as shop/garage for Tom Sera Racing who offers proprietary motorcycle related products and specialized services.

Fastrack Riders officially named Danny DiNardo as General Manager. Danny has been working in the capacity of General Manager for all of year 2000 and Fastrack Riders has seen many improvements in operations and event organization. Tom and Danny will continue to work together to provide the best possible service and 100% customer satisfaction...

Fastrack Riders also will reduce the number of groups from five to four for 2001. The two Intermediate groups will be combined and the Formula group will become the Club group. The four groups offered in 2001 will be Superstreet, Intermediate, Advanced and Club. Superstreet riders will be allowed to pass on the outside of Turn 2 and Turn 8. Club riders will have to show proof of membership to a motorcycle racing organization, or be able to do 1:30 orbetter lap times. Groups will be split when necessary to accommodate a high number of riders in any single group.

Fastrack Riders will offer WSMC members discounts for 2001. A mini version of the popular VIP Pass will be offered to current members of the Willow Springs Motorcycle Club. The WSMC 6-pack will enable club members to participate in six Fastrack Riders events for $750 and will include a 1-year membership. WSMC members will also be offered a special pre-registration price of $125 for any event on the 2001 calendar.

Fastrack Riders will be increasing some prices for 2001. Annual membership fees will increase from $25 to $50; initial group purchase will increase from $150 to $175; and additional group purchases will increase from $75 to $100. The VIP Pass will be offered at $1750 for 12 events and will include a 1-year membership.

Fastrack Riders will also issue Membership Identification cards in 2001. Card holders will be entitled to discounts on motorcycle related products and services from participating vendors. Initial recipients of the new cards will be VIP Pass and WSMC 6-pack purchasers.

In addition, Fastrack Riders has agreed to accept four brand new Yamaha YZF-600s from Yamaha Motor Corp. The bikes will continue to be used as Instructor bikes. The four new bikes will replace the four 2000 model bikes also provided by Yamaha Motor Corp.

Fastrack Riders will be hosting events prior to CCS racing at Streets of Willow in 2001. CCS and Fastrack Riders have worked together to schedule 5 Fastrack Riders events on the Fridays prior to all of the California Regional Roadracing Championship series races at the Streets. The event dates are 2/2, 4/6, 6/1, 8/31 and 11/30. Fastrack Riders will continue to offer its co-op program to motorcycle shops and organizations interested in sponsoring events at the Streets of Willow.

In addition to the 12 events to be hosted at Willow Springs International Raceway and the 5 events at The Streets of Willow, Fastrack Riders will be hosting a 2-day event atPortland International Raceway. PIR is located a few miles north of downtown Portland, Oregon just off Interstate-5. The tentative dates set are Thursday and Friday, October 11-12, 2001.

For more information and a current list of all track dates and locations, check out www.fastrackriders.com.

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