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" Bikers Accident Survivor Forum "

" Bikers Accident Survivor Forum " is a website/forum to support bikers in need of information after a serious injury.

Bikers, families, friends, associates can benefit from the gathered resources offered to answer their concerns about paraplegic, prosthetics, prosthesis, amputees, disabled bikers motorcycle safety, education, etc., with the support of the motorcycle community.

I was in a motorcycle accident in the early 1970s involving a ROW violator, I came out with a sprain to my ankle, far less injured than most motorcyclist. Since then, I decided to support all bikers in their time of need.

I hope we can share this information between all forums of the media.
Motorcycle Awareness, starts with us, our own community.

To show your support, simply Join The Site Ring at: .

We have since been supported by and linked with:

American Motorcycle Association

Dave Barr, world renowned Author/Biker/Amputee.

Co LeDahu, from the Netherlands

Trisha Fink
Executive Director
National Council for Support of Disability Issues
[email protected]

Biker Nation

To name a few.

Thank you for taking the time to read these concerns.

Garry Van Kirk
Bikers Accident Survivor Forum

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