Yamaha Shows V-Max Concept to ''Gauge Response''

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
We just got back from the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show, and aside from all the yummy new machines you already know about thanks to our INTERMOT and EICMA sneak peek stories, there's a couple of tasty surprises for you. One we can't reveal until next month -- press embargo, don't you know, and we don't relish being sued -- but the other we can fully hip you to.

Sure, there's rumors of a new V-Max every year, but we've got to
be close to a new one now. It's been 22 years since it's been introduced as a new model, and they keep cranking out V-Maxes. Sure, they're great bikes, but as we discovered in our Power Cruisers comparison this year, the old girl is getting seriously long in the tooth.

So here's what Yamaha rolled out at Long Beach today, with the following release:

"Star Motorcycles is pleased to introduce to the American enthusiast a concept V-Max model that traces its roots back to the original Hot Rod Cruiser motorcycle unleashed in 1985.

This concept model is being shown under the Star Motorcycles brand as it exemplifies the true spirit of individualism and performance that is engineered into each and every Star Motorcycle. This concept is also bigger, meaner, nastier and more technically advanced that its predecessor.

The Star Motorcycles philosophy of "We Build It, You Make It Your Own" is exemplified with this concept V-Max and as such this motorcycle is being shown to the public to further gauge the American market's response and inspire consumers and the industry to rethink and redefine what a cruiser can be."

Looking at the bike, it's clear it is a one-off concept bike, and not
anywhere near production. There's too much billet and other hard-to-fashion items on it. Still, the low, aggressive shape, dual shocks and inverted front end don't exactly represent any kind of futuristic, unobtainium-based fantasy. An interesting addition is the oil cooler under the radiator, which the existing model lacks. This looks like something running -- if not actually based on an existing V-Max chassis -- and certainly something Yamaha could build if they thought we'd buy it.

So don't lose heart, V-Max fans. Suzuki brought their B-King concept bike to market, just like Ducati brought in their Sport Classics and Hypermotards. It took a while, but your V-Max still has a few years left in her, right?

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Motorcycle.com Staff
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