Fox Racing Silverado

As if riding wasn't kick-ass enough, now there's a truck to compliment our hobby. Chevrolet has introduced the Fox Racing Silverado, a concept truck for motorcyclists.

The truck has tons of cool features including two integrated pullout ramps, located under a false bed floor. A custom tailgate is specifically designed to hold two motorcycles within the bed of the short-box truck. There is also an access door on the passenger side, so the rider can access items at the front of the bed. The truck also features tool storage in the right and left hand box side walls. Let's not forget the on-board generator.

"Fox Racing's strong brand image and rich, motocross-based heritage really helped us elevate the co-branding concept to a new level of relevance and practicality for dirt bike, motorcycle, ATV and mountain bike enthusiasts," said John C. Farris Jr., Silverado assistant brand manager-marketing.

A website has been set up by Fox and Silverado to guage public opinion of the concept vehicle. Check it out at

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