2006 Motorcycle Land Speed Record on SPEED Channel.

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
From Ignition3:

Historic record runs captured by motorsports partnership.

SPEED Channel will broadcast the WORLD’S FASTEST MOTORCYCLE in 2 one hour segments on December 3, and 10th 2006 at 3:00 PM eastern time. Check your local cable or satellite provider for exact air time in your area.

The three best motorcycle streamliners in the world met first week in September 2006 on the Bonneville Salt Flats during the International Motorcycle Speed Trials by Bub. The 16 year old motorcycle land speed record tumbled twice.

On Sunday September 3rd, Mike Akatiff’s Ack Attack broke the 16 year old, 322 mph record with Rocky Robinson at the controls. The new 342 MPH record lasted a little longer than 40 hours. Tuesday morning, Chris Carr piloting Denis Manning’s “7” liner upped the record to 350.884 MPH. And on Wednesday morning, Sam Wheeler in his EZ Hook streamliner set a one-way run of 355.80.

The 3 most technologically advanced and fastest streamliners in the world met for 5 days of head to head action. This high drama was captured for SPEED by the production team of IGNITION3 and Chet Burks Productions with a multiple cameras and 2 helicopters. SPEED’s Dave Despain is the on-camera talent and will also narrate the show.

Streamliner owner/builders, Denis Manning, Mike Akatiff, and Sam Wheeler were rigged with wireless microphones and each had their own videographer stalking them throughout the tense days of the challenge.

The project began 2 years ago when IGNITION3 began documenting the work of Manning, Akatiff and Wheeler. The crew traveled to all the builder’s shops throughout 2005 and Bonneville and even followed the Akatiff team to Lake Gairdner in Australia in March 2006.

“In the beginning the focus was on Denis Manning, and then Mike Akatiff started posting some promising speeds, later Sam Wheeler came out of semi-retirement with his E-Z Hook liner. The ‘perfect storm’ of motorcycle streamliners was forming. The three best liners in the world went at it head to head on 11 miles of perfect salt.” Said Dick Lague of IGNITION3. “When Chris Carr was signed to drive Denis’ liner we teamed up with Chet Burks Productions. This was going to be a great opportunity and we wanted to do it right, so we pooled our resources to cover this historical happening with the best team possible. Chet got Dave Despain involved and SPEED Channel came on board as well.”

“Dick had this great story he was working on and it was getting better and better. We decided to throw everything at it and came up with a story you could not dream up and we covered it from every possible angle. The footage is awesome and the story is bigger than life. Dave Despain loves Bonneville and we are all happy to be part of one of the biggest motorsports stories in a decade.” Said Chet Burks CEO of Chet Burks Productions.

In addition to the SPEED TV show, a DVD and a book is planned.

IGNITION3 is a California based motorsports production company whose partners, Dick Lague, Jeff Lague, and Jon Lague have been producing a significant body of motorsports work.

Chet Burks Productions is based in Marietta, Georgia and has been a top full-service motorsports production company for over 25 years.

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