Cruise-o-rama! Staff
by Staff
Those of you MOfos and MOrons who love cruisers have plenty to wallow in at MO these days. With good reason, too: a lot of you buy cruisers, and we have a duty to test 'em and tell you all about them, as much as we have a duty to test the latest standards, tourers, sport-tourers and sportbikes.

One segment that doesn't get as much attention as the big, expensive, fancy, powerful, heavyweight machines is the middleweight segment, but we suspect this is as important to the cruiser market as the middleweight class is to the sportbike market. So we rounded up a representative sample, told our favorite seafood place to fire up the deep-fryer and headed out to test some light middleweight cruisers. Get out your sneaky leaker and armchaps: it's time to ride!

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