First Bike the Second Time Around: MSCuddy's Jawa Staff
by Staff
You never forget your first, do you? We here at MO can remember every nut, bolt and detail of our first ride, and of the millions of people who have read MO, there's millions of stories.

One faithful MOridian, whom you may know as subscriber mscuddy, cut his teeth as a young lad on a lump of metal built behind the Iron Curtain, which may explain his loathing for all things to the political left of Trish Nixon. In any case, read his well-written, interesting and nostalgic look at resurrecting an old Jawa/CZ90. Senior Editor Ets-Hokin thinks it may be one of the best reader submissions he's seen, and you're guaranteed to enjoy it, so take a few moments away from turkey, football and familial squabbling to read Matt Cuddy's "First Bike the Second Time Around."

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