New H-D Gaming Machine

Harley-Davidson signed a 5-year contract with International Gaming Technology (IGT) allowing them to use the H-D name and logos for the development of a new gaming machine.

The gaming machine is scheduled to be released at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas next October...

"Harley-Davidson is a legendary American icon recognized worldwide, and we're thrilled to be able to proceed with development of a gaming machine that will reflect the excitement of the Harley-Davidson brand," said Joe Kaminkow, IGT's vice-president of engineering and design.

The agreement also allows IGT to use the Harley-Davidson bar and shield emblem, motorcycle engine audio, and various motorcycle parts in the creation of the gaming machine.

IGT's plans include the development of Harley-Davidson spinning reel and video machines, which may even offer authentic H-D merchandise as prizes.

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