Erion Racing Signs Two New Sponsors

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Erion Racing announced today the signing of PartsUnlimited and PJ1 oils and chemicals as sponsors for 2001. The two-year sponsorship arrangement for the team will provide exposure inthe AMA¹s Formula Xtreme and 600 SuperSport classes where the Erion/HondaTeam holds both number one plates, and in the premier motorcycle road racingseries in the United States, AMA Superbike...

"They really just want to put some money back into the industry," says KevinErion, manager of the Erion/Honda Racing Team. "The Jeffery D. Fox family ofParts Unlimited, and P.J. Harvey of PJ1 have been very involved in racingfor a long time. It¹s especially gratifying to the Erion/Honda team becausethere¹s a lot above and beyond the business aspect of it. Its great toconsider the family ties of racing, from mine to the Fox family to P.J.'s."

Erion/Honda Racing is one of the most successful teams in all of AMA roadracing. The Erion squad has won six out of seven titles in the AMA¹sbig-bore class, including every championship since the Formula Xtreme classdebuted in 1997, and has taken the last two consecutive titles in the hotlycontested 600 SuperSport class.

For 2001 the Erion/Honda team will kick things up a notch by going huntingfor another title, this time in the Superbike class with Kurtis Roberts on his RC-51 in a joint effort with the Honda factory team. Erion riders for 2001will be Kurtis Roberts, who will defend his title in the 600 class andspearhead Erion efforts in Superbike; young charger Jake Zemke, who willride 600 and Formula Xtreme; and veteran Mark Miller, who will ride FormulaXtreme. The Erion team has used Honda motorcycles in each of itschampionship-winning efforts, and this next year will see the same. The teamwill use Honda's ground-breaking CBR929RR in the Formula Xtreme class; therevised CBR600F4i, the winningest motorcycle ever in the 600 class; andHonda's mighty V-twin, the RC51.

"The team now has four executive-level sponsors," Erion says, "PartsUnlimited, PJ1, Erion Racing, and Honda, all joining together to take on themost competitive classes in AMA road racing."

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Brent Avis
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